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December 24, 2013
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.:For you:. by PalePalette .:For you:. by PalePalette
This is Snowbell a Villager, she would be in my town in the AC series~! ill draw her ref later, and put her things down, btw i didn't draw her with her amazing outfit, sorry
story time!!!!!!!

Snowbell got up, she let out a loud yawn and put on her new winter coat. She walked outside, it was dark, and it was snowing; right as the cold snow hit her face she remembered. "Its, Toy Day!!!!!" She yelled out loud, "yes it is" Aaron said as Alexis was following him, "Oh, Hi Aaron!" she said smiling, Snowbell's smile was bright, she always kept everyone happy. Aaron was wearing a santa's costume, "Wait your not Aaron, Your Santa! oops, you remind me of my amazing friend." she said, "did you come to my house to give me a present this year?" she added. "Of course" he said pulling out a green present, he handed it to her and Snowbell smiled brighter, "Thank you so much, i can't wait to open it." she said opening it, she gasped to surprise. Aaron frowned a bit, 'did i get her the wrong present, she told me she wanted-' he thought, "Yay i got it! i got the snowflake pin, Thank you santa!" she said hugging Aaron. "Your welcome" Aaron said, Snowbell let go of him, "well make sure Lucky gets a present too!" She said walking off, Aaron walked away, Holding Alexis's hand, "lets hurry and deliver his present~ this is our first Toy day together" she said, Aaron nodded. After they finished, Jingle gave him is prize, they then walked off, Aaron went back inside changing into his winter outfit, they then went off, and sat at the bench. Alexis cuddled into him, smiling as they sat there, watching the stars twinkle. Snowbell ran into the square, running over to them, "There you are Aaron, i've been looking for you" she said Aaron sat up, Alexis sat up too. "oops...sorry...." she said keeping her hands behind her back, "its fine." Aaron said, Snowbell looked up and smiled, "here, this is for you" she said pulling out a light purple/blue present with a pink bow, Aaron took it and opened it, there laid a necklace, it was a locket, heart shaped; Aaron opened it. Inside showed a picture of Snowbell and himself, the picture during thanksgiving and Halloween. "S-snowbell..." he said, he smiled; "this is wonderful, Thank you..." he whispered, he stood up and hugged Snowbell, She smiled Hugging him back, "Your the best mayor anyone could wish for." she whispered, she pulled away, "now enjoy yourself, yourselves" she said walking off, and back to her house. Aaron sat back down next to Alexis, she pointed up, Aaron looked up and noticed that Mistletoe was hung over them, he blushed as he looked back at Alexis, she leaned forward and kissed him, after that they laid at the bench for awhile before they got up and left back to there houses

Oh my goodness this is too cute; O ;
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